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More than five years, when Falcon Logistics Solution Co.,Ltd. offering  oversea logistics service, was established.

Our aim is to be the leader in oversea logistics in Indo-China with professional and high experience partners. Nowadays, Falcon logistics is step very close to our first target and already pin the next step of our new higher target to achieve.

Mr. Jumlong Rookachart is the founder of Falcon Logistics Solution. He is the pioneer in Thailand Logistics industry. Falcon Logistics Solution is a group of companies which doing business concern transportation and logistics in various service pattern such as transportation truck, Transportation Equipment, Warehouse and logistics process, with the shared vision between Mr. Wichien Rungpanya as Managing Director and Mr. Boonchai Mualprasert as Director of Falcon Logistics Solution Board of Director.

Mr. Wichien is another one who experienced in Thailand logistics industry for more than 20 years. Before he joined to establish Falcon Logistics Solution, we worked as a professional with well-known organization such as NOL (APL in present) , Hanjin Shipping and Fritz Thailand (UPS Supply Chain) as Country General Manager. Mr. Wichien said “ After working with many oversea companies, I felt like I wanna taking my experience and acknowledgement  to develop e and distribute a good service as Thai Logistics Service Provider. Until I met Mr. Jumlong and Mr. Boonchai in year 2004 as warehouse business consultants. We started first warehouse service at of Falcon Group at Laem Chabang to support our Japanese customer, and keep continuous growing until present.

“The vision of Mr. Wichien and me was very similar since we started our business together” Mr. Boonchai shared his point of view. “Then we have same idea of establish a Thai company to offer a total solution service under Falcon Group of company. Falcon is a group of companies with high efficiency to serve Thai customer and being ready to expand to be oversea service, especially in Indo-China since  Mr. Wichien became our share holder and board of Directors of Falcon Logistics Solution beyond GOAL Partner network.  The GOAL Partner network is a group which we were co-founder together since 2005 (www.goalpartnerworldwide.com)

Mr. Jumlong said “Falcon Logistics Solution has many strong points of service such as Truck service, Trailer service, equipment service, warehouse, container yard in one stop service under Falcon Group of companies. This point creates the advantage to our service in competitive price, convenience to manage in limited lead time to offer best service to our customer. We also get very strong support from our partners’ network who well known in worldwide logistics industry, both domestic and oversea service.

Falcon Logistics Solution was very much interested in Indo-China market since our establishment. By that period, there was very less professional service provider in this market.

Mr. Wichien said “While I was working with Fritz Thailand, I had chance to study about the opportunity of the development and growth rate of Indo-China region under free trade agreement of ASIAN countries. I was confidence in this market and foresee that it would become the important market for logistics provider in near future surely.

“Many countries in Indo-China still lack in many logistics capacity” Said by Mr. Boonchai.  “Especially  the support conditions to drive logistics business, such as laws and regulation in transportation, experience less officers and staffs in each country, though the basement structure of transportation service. All of mentioned functions were the point of difficulty for logistics business in Indo-China. We, Flacon Logistics Solution, are doing with continual improvement to increase the capacity and strengthen service efficiency to offer the best logistics for our customer in this region, since the first date of our working.

Mr. Wichien also said that “Our improvement for transportation strengthen network in Indo-China region is accordance with the investment direction from foreigner. They were interested and priority to invest in this region more, and much more in this period.  All business in Asian Continent is shining their grand opportunity in recovering and speedy rebound from economy crisis. This leads for world economy to be lightening again.

For the past 5 years, Falcon Logistics Solution offered service for many big projects in Indo-China such as Num-Ngum Dam 2nd in Laos, this project need to move all equipments, tools and materials from aboard pass Thailand to the construction area. We were selected from the customer to be total solution service provider covered 3 years of the construction of this project. Our customer was very appreciated in our service quality we did.

Mr. Boonchai said “We had chance to work for our Malaysian customer, by starting the contract since 2006 and keep running with this project until 2009. By our high efficiency service, we can support our customer to run their project smoothly and completed the project 6 months prior deadline.”

“We provide the service to cover all needs of our customer.” Mr. Wichien said. “Either custom clearance, boarders pass transportation, transportation service, Planning for the different regulations between 2 countries or how to use the proper equipment to match with each goods, and the most importance is to deliver all material to the construction area as just in time. If we are late, it will impact to the cost of our customer”

The service capacity of Falcon Logistics Solution, in Indo-China, was increased and moved to the top ranking in group of service providers. We can offer the total solution for customer need most both by high capacity and high efficiency and speed of service.

By the point of view as we have our own equipment and tolling, this is the advantage of Falcon Logistics Solution, which we can offer the add service value and save cost for our customer too.

“ For another  example, our customer got a Golf Course Project in Cambodia” Mr. Wichien said. “All the grass for the golf landscape had to be plant in Thailand and transport to Cambodia. In normal case, it must be delivering via air which is very expensive, but we take the reefer container to deliver these grass lots by land transportation. We can help reduce the cost of delivery for our customer in high amount.

This project was help open the opportunity of being pioneer in reefer container transportation into Cambodia too.”

The success of Falcon Logistics Solution in recently can guarantee our leadership in transportation in Indo-China region. In currently we have very strong basement and expand our network to every country in Indo-China, as Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. We also create new service to offer to our customer in this region further.

Mr. Wichien said “The latest project, which we created, is Less Than Truck Load (LTL) to destination in Indo-China countries soon. This is the option from Full Truck Load (FTL) which we have already done. We are now studying of the possibility of prior countries to provide LTL, may be Vietnam by the route through 2nd Thailand-Laos Friendship Bridge at Mookdaharn – Savannakhet of Laos”

“We also setting the plan to expand the truck transportation cross boarder of the countries along Kong River side (GMS) as Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Yunnan under Cross Boarder Transport Agreement of our group. And we will expand in North-South Economic Corridor and New East-West

Economic Corridor too.  The new route which will be very important in near future is the connection area between Khunming of China and Chieng Rai pass through Myanmar and Laos. These are all we pioneer and expand the service options for our customer.

Mr. Wichien said in last talking that “Before we offer new service options for our customers, we need to study and improve our service efficiency to make value added to our customer in reality. We believe that if we want to have many service options for our customer, all options must be valuable and can support customer business to grow in real and lasting.

Falcon Logistics Solution offer the transportation and logistics service cover all regions in the world and all type of transportation, including Land transportation, Marine transportation and Air cargo.