Falcon Logistics Solution Highlights Critical Parts Deliveries on Logistics Manager Magazine.

Critical electronic parts are a very special type of cargo that must be delivered in a timely fashion to customers. Failing to do so can cause a devastating effect, both in a financial and a reliability sense. It can also cause a chain reaction of negative consequences to other parties down stream. For this reason, a service provider who offers these critical part delivery services can never let their guard down, even for a wink.

In this issue of LM, Mr. Songwoth Chintathum, General Manager, Falcon Logistics Solution (Falcon) and Mr. Wichien Rungpanya, Managing Director shared their expertise and challenges on providing Critical Parts Deliveries. Companies that provide this delivery services are rare-to-find in the current logistics industry.

Time-Sensitive Materials.
Falcon Logistics Solution provides complete transportation solutions for land, air, and sea. Together with logistics solutions, consultancy, and a track record stretching over a decade they have experiences in all segments of transportation and logistics. One of the most unique services they provide is critical parts deliveries where most of the cargo is high-tech goods. These parts are critical to the work process of the customers and delivering them to the destination as quickly as possible is the key to the service. Mr. Rungpanya explained that, “This type of service is very challenging and incurs high responsibility. Any small mistakes or delay can mean a vast amount of monetary loss for our customers. For this reason, very few companies are up to the challenge in Thailand.” 

On signing a service contract for critical parts with customers, there are conditions of services, time frame of delivery, and a guarantee of compensation in case the provider failed to meet the service conditions. This is put in place in order to ensure that the work process will be back to normal as soon as possible and damages are minimized. “Most of our clients are IT companies, banks, hospitals, and telecommunication companies,” said Mr. Chintathum. “They serve a large amount of customers and any mistakes that occur can cause a large scope of damages, not only financially catastrophic to the clients, but it can also be life and death for customers who are linked with our clients too. That means every second really counts and we are at the forefront to stop such devastating effects from happening.”

Real-Time Alerts.
Falcon Logistics Solution has been providing critical parts delivery services for over 7 years. This service includes importing critical parts and storing them in warehouses where they’re ready to respond to a customer’s request and delivery as soon as the part is needed. Falcon also provides export services to send these critical parts to other countries where their customers operate to store as back ups for the operations in the destined countries.

Mr. Chintathum said “We are working virtually around the clock. We have notification systems for IT staff that they have to keep with them at all times. Whenever our customers need a part, we are ready to respond. To ensure that we will be ready at any time we have to proceed with documentation quickly. The procurement team can then get the cargo ready and be able to deliver to the customers in time, restoring the system back to normal and keeping customers satisfied.”

On top of the speed, which is the main key to this service, the safety of the parts is critical to the operation. These very important components are of high value and need to be well handled. “These items are mostly small, stored in their own containers, and are most of the time of very high value. The makes the safe transportation of these parts very important. With many different kinds of technologies around the business world, more and more spare parts are in need of being stored for back up and for the peace of mind of the business owners. Our customers are ensured that their goods will be properly stored and ready to ship at all time. These goods are kept separately under a security system, where we have people monitor them closely. Other than speed and safety, another important factor is having highly trained staff with high responsibility and dedication to what they are doing. We ensure that all our staff is qualified, trained well, and have experience with this kind of service.”

Challenging, but Rewarding Deliveries.
Although this kind of service can be high pressure with lots of limitations to overcome, and the people at Falcon find it is also a challenging task, being well prepared and well organized helps to keep things under control. “Most of our customers are large companies or organizations operated in the middle of downtown or business districts. Another problem we have to face often is traffic congestion. A precise route and travel time planning are necessities to deliver cargo in time for customers,” said Mr. Chintathum.

“I have always stressed that we must not cause additional damage to customers and the fee we charge must be reasonable. We also have to be responsible and ensure to fulfill our task at all our best effort,” added Mr. Rungpanya.

Falcon Logistics has proved their leadership, expertise, and reliability in this segment and earned the trust of many customers. They are one of a handful of operators that provide this kind of special service in Thailand. Their customer’s services are like a clock, composed of several mechanisms synced together. This service from Falcon is one tiny gear, but a gear that is as important as any other in the chain to ensure that all the mechanism can keep running smoothly and efficiently for the foreseeable future.